About Us

At The Bath Tub we are focused on providing quality service and products with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations whilst giving you exceptional value for your dollar. We bring to you a huge range of quality & value products under one roof like no other single store giving you a shopping experience to remember. In our store you will find locally made soy candles, soy melts, hand made bath bombs, massage oils, baby massage oils, baby gifts, body wash, body oils, mud masks, body scrubs, perfumes, travel packs, local made shower caps, essential oils, fragrant oils, natural soaps, beautiful products from MOR, local craft work, art work, sculptures, photography, crystal & glass candle ware, Mount Romance products, great gift baskets and novelty gifts to add the element of fun to a great gift. Our list of products continually grows and we always appreciate any suggestions you may have.. We believe in value for money and keeping our $ close to home. This is why we offer a Candle Refill Service to our customers for our soy wax candles. We work very hard to keep our candles as pure and chemical-free as possible, so please accept any slight blemishes as part of our candle's natural beauty. Our candles contain no vybar, stearic acid, synthetic preservatives/hardeners or animal fat of any kind. If your candle is a little frosty, 'sweaty' or appears blemished, this is actually a GOOD sign! It means your candle has simply reacted to the environment because it doesn't contain the nasty preservatives that the big companies put in their candles to keep them looking the same as the day they were poured. So enjoy your natural candle, frosty or sweaty it will still burn beautifully and still have a wonderful fragrance throw. All of our candles produce a fragrant, high-quality burn.