Farewell Faithful Friend by Local Author Claire Bickford

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Children's Book by Local Author Claire Bickford. "Farewell Faithful Old Friend" A little book to help you say farewell and remember your faithful old dog who has been a much loved part of your family. Children’s picture book with colourful illustrations that helps families come to terms with losing their best friend. There is room at the back of the book for you to put your pet’s name, age, favourite memory and photo as a keepsake. Vet Review – “Farewell Faithful Old Friend is a children’s picture book that conveys a lovely message about the relationship between a family and their aged pet as it makes the transition from life to death. It delivers a strong positive message that will resonate with all pet owners, and is just as valuable for adults as it is for the children, as it is often the kids that cope better than the grown-ups when a family pet is lost.” Dr Paul Davey OAM BSc BVMS Paperback Colour illustrations 24 cm high, by 20 cm wide 28 unnumbered pages Saddle-stitch binding


(No reviews yet) Write a Review