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Fragrance Oil 30ml

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Great value! 30 mls for just $14.99

High quality fragrant oils for all of your home fragrance needs bottled in store at The Bath Tub giving you better quality and value. Bottled in high grade dark blue recyclable glass with dropper top for accuracy of drop measurements. 

Also available in 10ml @ $7 each  & 100ml @ $32.99 each

Fragrance oils, not to be confused with essential oils, are man made oils that blend artificial or natural fragrances. These oils are generally used in make-up, home scents, perfumes, candles and soaps. There are many fragrances that can not be derived from their natural sources, either because just it's simply impossible or too expensive and labourious to extract ie; strawberry oil, it would be an expensive process to extract oil from strawberry seeds. 

Our oils are 'body safe' when used in recipes for soaps and lotions. Caution should always be taken with both fragrant and essential oils, a test patch should always be conducted if using on the skin. These oils MUST be diluted with a quality carrier oil if using on your skin ie: jojoba oil, macadamia oil or hazelnut oil.

These oils are available at Carrier/Body oils

Historically, natural fragrant oils have been used for thousands of years for many things including ceremonies, freshening up living spaces and anointing. Fragrance oils today have become extremely popular and can have a variety of uses in the home, office or vehicle. Following are ten popular uses for fragrance oils.

1. Need a quick air freshener? Add a few drops of fragrance oil to a spray bottle that is full of water. Use the sprayer in any room in need of a fresh up.

2. Carpets can trap unpleasant odours and leave us with smells that are hard to get rid of in a room. One way to fight this is to add several drops of fragrant oil to a box of baking soda or cornstarch. Mix well and allow whichever you choose to dry for a day or two then sprinkle the soda or starch onto your carpet. Allow this to sit for thirty minutes to an hour, then vacuum and voilá, carpet that smells good again.

3. Fragrant oils also work well for making shoes smell a bit better. Simply sprinkle a few drops in each shoe.

4. If your potpourri has lost its scent, simply add several drops of your favourite oil and the bag or dish of potpourri is renewed. This can be repeated as many times as you like.

5. For a thoughtful gift, imbue a bookmark or a set of stationery with fragrant oil. Whoever is the recipient of this gift will be reminded of you when they use these items.

6. If you enjoy aromatic linens, place a few drops of oil on paper towels. Take the individual paper towels and place them between sheets, pillowcases or towels.

7. Use several drops of any aromatic oil on a six-inch by six-inch cloth and toss it in the dryer with your clothes for a better dryer sheet solution.

8. A cotton ball soaked with a few drops of oil can be placed in the corners of your drawers to freshen up stored clothing. These can actually be placed in any inconspicuous area or in vacuum bags, as well.

9. Use several drops of scented oil in your washing machine with each wash for fresh smelling laundry.

10. A couple of drops on the inside of you toilet roll will fragrance the little room nicely!

As you can see, fragrant oils can be used to freshen up many things. So, the next time you pick up that box of fabric softener sheets or carpet refresher, put it back and try these inexpensive solutions.

The Author:

Mark Miles writes for the UK based Store the Crafty Jungle. 

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(3 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Devine Defuser Scents

    Posted by Son on 14th Sep 2020

    I use these beautiful oils in my diffuser which fills my house with happy scents. Favourites at the moments is Cloud Nine and Happy.

  • 5
    complete range

    Posted by les paxton on 27th Aug 2020

    i can always find something suitable as a present for my wife good range of products and of good quality

  • 5
    Love this oil

    Posted by Debbie on 26th Jul 2020

    A beautiful aroma of Old school musk sticks, takes me back to my childhood when used