Fish Bait Bomb

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Product Overview

How do they work?

Your Fish Bait Bomb will naturally sink, fizzing all the way to the bottom. As it fizzies it releases several attractants that will have our curious finned friends sniffing around for a feed.

Once it has settled on the bottom, it will continue to release the delicious attractants and fizz. All the senses of the fish are stimulated by the FBB, sound (vibrations of the bubbles from the fizz) smell and visual. Their senses are telling them there is a feast happening where the bubbles are! The food source particles in the FBB are small and will have the smaller fish getting very excited. The added activity from the small fish of course helps bring in the big fish and increases the chances of your tackle being the main meal of the day.

The presence of the FBB will linger for up to and sometimes past one hour depending on conditions, tides, currents etc.

Are FBB’s environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! Our FBB’s are made with food grade and biodegradable natural ingredients.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review